I’ve learned that all I really want to be is me. The best me, the kindest me, the most loving me. Over and over again, I’m learning through photography that I’ll never get that kind of character if I only ever focus on me. Not a camera pun, I promise.

I picked up a camera a few years back, and while it’s helped me find a career I love, it also sort of… unlocked me. I grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and spent most of my life learning to work with my hands, but never quite figuring out how they could be so connected to my mind. Now, I’ve learned that it’s possible.

Photography for me has never been just about ‘getting the shot’, but being there for the shot. It’s not about ‘blowing up’, but showing up. I’ve traveled across this planet with people I could never have imagined meeting. I’ve slept in vans, watched stars from the tops of sand dunes, shouted from actual roof tops, skipped stones from island to island, made my bed on a ferry, learned a hundred new card games, and buried myself deep into my sleeping bag on the floor of canyons I had no idea even existed a year ago. And you know what blows my mind? There’s always more.

I'm here to capture what no one else sees. I capture the important moments, the moment often overlooked and missed. These shared experiences are the gold of life, and I get to capture that for people and brands I believe in. Content means nothing unless it’s connected to a real part of our lives, so I’ve learned that connection is my greatest asset. Sometimes that story is next door, and sometimes it’s across oceans.

I love working closely with brands that do far more than make stuff we don’t need and sell ideas rather than solve problems. I wake up every morning to a world that always has a story to be told.

And I get to help tell it. From here, there’s no downside.