Zappos— How I Roam

Sponsored by Zappos for Blundstone

This past weekend I ran around in the rain.

This sounds pretty normal for Washington and well— that's because it is. My friend flew in to visit Seattle and it's always refreshing to share Washington state with someone for the first time. The trick is to learn how to see familiar things, in new ways. I brought my Blundstones to roam around. They are nice. And waterproof. And the heel-tabs get your boots on fast so you can go play in the rain.

My experience with Zappos has been wonderful. I needed to make a return and the service I received was incredible. The staff is friendly and their communication is clear. The team sent a return label and followed up along the way to makes sure everything was going smoothly and the new pair of boots fit well. Zappos and Blundstone are a power couple.


Blundstone boots