Taxi taxi muy rapido!

I left Los Angels in route to Cuba on the morning of May 15th. I had recently been in the Dominican Republic and I was eager to be back to the Caribbean! Our crew of six spend the following eight days exploring Cuba, learning about the history and its people. Here's a collection of some of my photos in Cuba with Alaska Airlines.

For me this is one of my top travel experiences! I presume Cuba will be different than you may think and that's a good thing— get ready for an adventure! Make sure to prepare and plan well (wifi is limited for on-the-go planning), bring snacks and don't drink the local water, touch up on your Spanish, and bring enough cash (no card readers). Cuba is a vibrate culture with rich history! I encourage you to fly Alaska Air and go experience Cuba for yourself! If you want to know more about my experiences and/or have questions, send me an email!