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I know about the Pythagorean theorem, I was taught about all that good stuff in school. However, something school didn't teach me is how to critically think & discover creative solutions for the logistics in my life. i.e. managing admin, organization, bills— insurance policies.

I drive but I also fly— do I need a car while traveling full-time or do I not? While I'm traveling, my car is parked at my house & I pay for insurance even though I'm not driving. When I am at home in Seattle, I use my car to catch up on "adulting" as it were, see my friends & go on adventures. Sometimes it feels like a waste in the push & pull of traveling. There has to be another solution for insurance, right?

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Metromile is a tech-forward insurance solution for people who may not drive a lot or anyone who's looking for a way to gain control over their insurance bill. With traditional car insurance solutions, you pay the same rate no matter how much you drive. With Metromile, you pay for the miles you actually drive. Your real-time insurance bill is based on usage & how much you are driving— no surprises, it's your bill in your control & you see what you're paying for.

One of my I first thoughts when learning about Metromile was, "But what about road trips? Because I love them & I need them in my life." Here's the thing, your rate per day is capped at 250 miles! In other words, you pay a rate per mile up to 250 miles and then every mile over 250 is free! Whether you drive 25 miles or over 250 miles, you still receive the same type of collision to comprehensive coverage you would receive from big insurance companies. No sweat.


Two more things I love about Metromile:

1. Smart Driving App: Metromile's app lets you stay on top of your car's health with engine decoders & helps you understand which commutes are costing you the most in gas and time. You have control of your bill & you can monitor your running bill total for the month. There are also features like saving the location you parked & street sweeping alerts in cities such as SF, LA & Chicago.

2. AVA: the AI-driven smart claims system helps customers through the entire claims process— from filing a claim, collecting damage photos, finding a repair shop, renting a car to getting reimbursed.

Side story for AVA: while I was traveling in India last year, someone smashed in the back window of my car. I was on the other side of the world with a broken car window in rainy Seattle. Being able to file a claim while traveling would have made the situation a lot less stressful. AVA grants peace of mind in dealing with anything that may happen to your car while traveling.


Metromile became the car insurance solution which supports my travels, saves me money, and integrates into my active lifestyle. While I'm traveling, I no longer pay insurance for a car I'm not driving. When I'm home in Seattle, I pay for my usage day-to-day & and my roads trips are covered at flat day rate up & over 250 miles. This very well could be your solution as well— have a look, get a quote & save some money!

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